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Lenny fell in love with baseball all over again in 2001 when he and his four year old son first played catch together in the backyard of their Washington home.


That year also featured the exciting radio broadcasts of the late, great Dave Niehaus, the spirited voice of the Seattle Mariners during their improbable, 116 game winning season.


Baseball excitement permeated the air on a daily basis that NW spring and summer. The possibilities seemed limitless.


1968 - 69 Kiwanas South Kitsap Western Little League Future Little League Umpire


Lenny's own baseball career was brief – consisting of just two seasons playing for the Kiwanis of the South Kitsap Western Little League.


But the experience was rich with fond, personal memories of season opening jamboree ceremonies, the aroma of fresh popcorn floating past his position in center field and even an occasional, albeit fleeting, moment of glory on the diamond.


But while he may have retired from baseball until 2001, the kid in him never did.


And so it was seventeen years ago when faced with the Little League parent volunteer choices of scorekeeping (too complicated), dugout management (too chaotic) or umpiring (what? – you must be crazy!), Lenny began his first season as a Little League baseball umpire.


A few years later, Lenny would get his first experience with girls' softball when his daughter joined in on the backyard field of dreams.


This collection of personal umpiring techniques, tips, rules and anecdotes is for all those new and aspiring parent volunteer umpires who give their personal time and energy to support the kids in Little League baseball and softball.


Feel free to contact Lenny with any umpiring questions or feedback based on your own youth umpiring experiences throughout the Little League season.


Good luck this season -

Play ball!



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