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Congratulations! Spring is here and you signed up to be a volunteer Little League umpire! Now what!?


You came to the right place!


Little League Umpiring 101.com was developed for new and beginning umpires (< 3 years experience) to help you learn quickly and have fun while doing it.


Whether you're umpiring for the first time or refreshing your skills from past seasons, you'll find simplified descriptions, graphics and videos on how to umpire and apply Little League rules.


Choose from various learning paths depending on your preference, interest and time

The basics The Quick Start page describes the most important techniques.  Great if you’re new and umpiring younger players (8-10).
Step by step

Follow a sequential, Q&A approach with the Base Umpiring or Home Plate Umpiring Start pages and follow the link at the end of each page.

Pick and choose

Select topics of interest within the menu bar.  Great if you have previous umpiring experience.

Jump to videos

Links to videos are included with their topic descriptions.  Or you can use the Video Library Home Page to go directly to a video of interest.


Umpiring Little League is a tremendous opportunity to contribute to your community and serve as a role model to its kids. I hope this site helps you in that endeavor - from the opening day pitch and throughout the season.


Have fun. Play ball!

Site Glossary
Definitions from the Little League Rule Book and terms used on this site.
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